10 Hilariously Insightful Tweets from Brothers Osborne


If you haven’t noticed the two-time CMA Vocal Duo of the Year, Brothers Osborne, are as hilarious and insightful as they are talented musicians. Like, if you’re not following them on Twitter– run, don’t walk to Twitter.com and change that immediately.

10 Hilariously Insightful Tweets from Brothers Osborne:

1. Anything that promotes cutting the shit and this is one of those things.

2. Actually? True.

3. Seriously. Is it too late for us to call dibs on this? On that note, Dibs would be a great Kelsea Ballerini cover band in 20 years.

4. Whoa. Deep.

5. Been there, done this.

6. And if you get real cozy that’ll be a real mess.

7. They even pass down insightful wisdom from others.

8. Again, can we call dibs on this when we start our cover band?

9. Big, if true.

10. True. And we aren’t.







Lauren Cowling
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