Singer-Songwriter Cam Splits Her Seams During Cheeky Photo Shoot


I see London, I see France, I see Cam’s…WHOA!

It’s one thing to accidentally blow out your britches when they’re just a touch too tight, but for “Burning House” singer, Cam, sometimes you have to split a seam or two on purpose.

In a “cheeky” image on her Instagram page, the towheaded singer reveals a secret to making it work for a photo shoot. With her back to the camera, peeking over her shoulder with an “oopsie” expression on her face, we can see that Cam’s super cute striped overalls have been intentionally split down each tushie cheek. Large safety pins hold the garment together and are the only thing keeping the singer-songwriter from a major wardrobe malfunction. And although bits of her bottom peek through the splits, it’s perfectly G-rated and downright adorable.

“Behind” the scenes look at the reality of a photo shoot🤣,” Cam wrote in her post.

Many country artists will tell you that one of the most fun parts of their job is a photo or music video shoot. Their stylists bring in clothes, shoes, and accessories from designers, boutiques, and even vintage shops across the country and a good amount of time is spent trying out and choosing outfits for the shoot.

Not everything is suitable or the right fit, though, and it isn’t unusual for garments to be temporarily altered to achieve the desired look.

This, however, is a first, and it not only showcases Cam’s incredible sense of humor and effervescent personality, it’s also a testimonial to her ongoing message of empowering women and the sisterhood of women in music.

The subtle message of the photo wasn’t wasted on Cam’s fans either, who applauded the artist for keeping it real.