Cam Has a Hard Time Being Around George Strait Because Duh

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Cam is living a pretty amazing life right now. She’s working on her second album and opening for George Strait during his Las Vegas residency. The biggest challenge in her life right now? Being in the same room as King George and still being a functioning human being.

The first time she met him was pretty epic though.

“It was after the first show, he came back, because they do an encore,” Cam told One Country. “He comes back and they all take a shot of Codigo, that tequila he’s a part of. So I got to meet him and take a shot with him before he went back out on stage.”

Since then, though, they haven’t really hung out. “When I see him I look the other way,” she admitted. “I’m not ready for him to acknowledge me as a real person.”

While he’s a living legend, that may not be the only thing intimidating the songstress. “He’s just as handsome as ever, in case you were doubting it. He’s swoon worthy,” she added.

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