12 Reasons Cam is the Best Thing in Country Music Right Now

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We’re a fortunate bunch of people right now because we get to live in a world with Cam, while she’s not only writing and singing beautiful and profound music, she’s living life and being incredibly awesome.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Cam several times and every time I get to talk to her I decide she’s the coolest person ever. Even cooler than like, Beyonce.

Cam is a breath of fresh-air in country music right now, not because she’s super talented and has the voice of a literal angel, but also because she’s hilarious and super real. While sharing the story behind “Mayday” Cam really put it all on the table. Normally, these interviews with artists like maybe a little over a minute. This one is 4 minutes and 28 seconds of pure gold and it’s literally one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen. It’s also just another reason to be thankful we all get to be alive when Cam is out there doing her thing.


These were Cam’s best lines from the interview:

  1. “Like, past the expiration date. It’s spoiled.”
  2. “I was like queen of long relationships and I would never get out of them until it was way past due.”
  3. “Between, you and me and YouTube, he’d just yell all the time, at my face.”
  4. “He was like, super pissed.”
  5. “He thought I was going to leave without him and I was like, ‘what the F, what are we doing?'”
  6. “He’s just in the passenger seat just yelling, RAWR-RAWR-RAWR!”
  7. “And I was like, ‘MAYBE!'”
  8. “Damn! Yeah, man!”
  9. “You know, that friend you shouldn’t have anymore.”
  10. “Just trust your gut.”
  11. “Your friends can’t really tell you.”
  12. “I like that moment of between, when it’s unclear– that’s a cooler thing to talk about. That’s when people need a song, you know?”