Cam Thinks It’s Crazy that Thousands of People Know the Words to “Burning House”

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The idea for country music artist and GRAMMY-nominee Cam‘s smash hit single “Burning House” came to her in a dream.

In her dream, there was literally a burning house and inside, was one of her ex-boyfriends. Although things had ended badly between the two of them, Cam couldn’t bare the thought of him being trapped inside the house, so she ran in to save him. When inside, the fire had grown too big and the two couldn’t get out, so Cam stayed with him so that he wouldn’t have to die alone — pretty heavy, right?

“I’m really glad my emotional baggage could turn into a GRAMMY nomination,” Cam said in a GRAMMYs interview. “And turn into a lot of people singing along. Like, thousands of people now know the words… It’s crazy!”

We can’t in good conscious say we’re thankful for Cam’s emotional baggage, but we sure are glad that she turned her experience into this touching, emotionally captivating song.

Image Source: YouTube