Carly Pearce Hopes to Get Some Fashion Advice From Gwen Stefani While Touring with Blake Shelton


If there’s anyone in Blake Shelton’s life that knows a thing or two about fashion, it’s his girlfriend Gwen Stefani. And though her adventurous side hasn’t worn off on him too much, his current tourmate, Carly Pearce is hoping to glean some wisdom from the pop icon.

As Carly is on the Country Music Freaks Tour with Blake and Brett Eldredge, she’s just hoping for a couple of quick convos with Gwen, “I mean, come on! And my keyboard player, Elise, she is a huge Gwen Stefani fan. So I think we’re going to try really hard to not be ‘ghermy.’ I’ve heard she’s such a nice, down-to-earth person, so hopefully I can just maybe look at her outfit a few times and just kind of be like ‘Alright, what would Gwen do?'”

Carly is also pretty excited to be on tour with Brett’s dog, Edgar. When Carly found out she was going to be on the tour with Brett, she says, “I literally said to my mom, I’m like, ‘Oh I wonder if he would let me take Edgar for a walk?’ Edgar looks a lot like my dog, she’s much older now her name’s Ginger, and Edgar looks a lot like what she looked like as a puppy.”

Guys. I found him. 😍🐶@edgarboogie

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