Carly Pearce Reveals Her Obsession with Orbit Gum and Lipgloss

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After recently celebrating the success of her debut singe, “Every Little Thing,” hitting the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, Carly Pearce is getting personal and showing off what she carries around with her in her oversized hand bag

In the latest episode of the Grand Ole Opry’s “What’s in My Bag,” Carly Pearce shows reveals a few items that may tell us a thing or two about the rising star.

The “Every Little Thing” singer starts off explaining that you can use her bag as a workout tool because it’s so large and filled with so many things. We’re not even sure she knows what’s in there.

Always prepared, Carly begins with Clorox disinfectant wipes for traveling, leading us to believe that the 27-year-old is a clean freak. We like that about her. And to keep her breathe nice and fresh, she also carries packs and packs of sweet mint Orbit gum, of which she admits she has an obsession with.

When you’re an artist you have to look good at all times, so Carly carries two, yes that’s right, two teasing combs in her bag. “Going off of the big hair, because one teasing comb isn’t enough,” she said in the video. “The higher the hair the closer to Jesus. I use this one to go this way and this one to make this side bigger.” Sure, we’ll go with it.

Just when we thought Carly had it all together, she reaches in and pulls out ‘the longest iPhone chord,” that she says represents her life. “There’s what my mind is like at all times,” she adds.”

We love a woman who’s mind is always working!