Carly Pearce On “Every Little Thing” —”It’s Almost Like Standing Up Naked In Front Of Everybody and Going ‘Here I Am, I Hope You Like It'”

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Without a doubt 2017 has been banner year for Carly Pearce. The Kentucky native has released her debut single, “Every Little Thing”—currently at No. 3 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart—released her debut album, named for the title track, to rave reviews and has been touring the country with both Eric Church and Brett Young.

In her spare time Carly makes time to head over to the Grand Ole Opry, as she did Friday night (Oct. 20), to stand in the famed Opry circle, performing her hit, “Every Little Thing.”

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The tune, written by Carly, Emily Shackelton and busbee, tells the story of a woman trying to get over a past relationship but the memory of her ex lingers on in every little thing, reminding her of their love.

One Country‘s Kelly Sutton got a chance to sit down with the 27-year-old newcomer, in the midst of her whirlwind year, to talk about the amazing success of “Every Little Thing,” her special career moments and touring with Brett.

On her debut single “Every Little Thing:”

“I wrote it completely for therapy for myself of trying to let go of this guy that really broke my heart. Just to fast forward over the last 8 months and see and hear all of the stories about how it’s affected other people and how it’s connecting, it’s surpassed everything I could have ever imagined and also just reminding me that country music fans love the truth.”

On her debut album Every Little Thing:

“Once I saw how much ‘Every Little Thing’ was connecting it made busbee, my producer, and I make sure that as we were picking songs that we’d already written or writing songs to make the album complete, we made sure I was as completely transparent with every song as I was with ‘Every Little Thing.’ So I think it pushed me as a songwriter. This album is all my stories, so it’s almost like standing up naked in front of everybody and going ‘Here I am, I hope you like it.’ That’s how transparent and how real and how honest and how special and true to me this album is.”

On savoring special moments:

“I did have a moment in my hometown. I played with my hometown radio station and the whole crowd sang ‘Every Little Thing’ so loud and I think in that moment I obviously had to get off the mic because I was crying. Just that moment of going, ‘Wow, this is where you came from, these streets and this town and these people and this radio station is where you first dreamed of doing this and now you’re doing it.”

On touring with Brett Young:

“This fall I am going out as Brett Young’s opener on his first headlining tour. A lot of people don’t know that we used to play a lot of writers rounds and house concerts together and we used to call each other when we would have rounds in town and be like ‘Hey, you wanna come and play,’ because we are both such fans of each other. I’m just so proud of him and it’s been so fun to watch him just burst onto the scene and is becoming a heartthrob and just an amazing country superstar and just to have this full circle moment of us going going, ‘Wow, we’re not playing the little divey clubs anymore, we’re on a tour.'”

You can catch Carly on Brett Young’s Caliville Tour, which kicked off Oct. 14 in Charlottesville, Va. and as part of “Country Rising: Downtown Jam” benefit concert at Nashville’s Ascend Amphitheater on Nov.12. Carly will be ringing in the New Year at the “Jack Daniel’s Music City Midnight: New Year’s Eve in Nashville” alongside Keith Urban, Maren Morris, Cheap Trick, Jonny P and the Fisk Jubilee Singers.