Carrie Underwood Says “Dirty Laundry” Evolved During Studio Recording

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Carrie Underwood’s Storyteller is packed full of big-time, crowd-pleasing tracks and her latest, “Dirty Laundry” definitely fits that bill.

I was immediately drawn to ‘Dirty Laundry’ the first time I heard it, because it was so different, it had such a laid-back kind of vibe to it. Yes it’s a…it’s a cheatin’ song this is country music after all, but it was kind of done in a different way, and I just really, I love the groove of the music. I love that kind of Ajax line, because it was kind of weird and cool and I just, I loved it from the first listen,” Carrie said in a release, but even after hearing it the first time, the song evolved a little when it was time to record it.

While Carrie was in the studio recording background vocals with writer Hillary Lindsey, the two started experimenting a little, “We just kind of got in the studio, and we’re playing around with background vocals and it ended up sounding really cool, and haunting.”

If this really cool and haunting tunes takes the same trajectory as the last three singles Carrie has released, it’ll be No. 1 in no time.