Carrie Underwood Just Made “Dirty Laundry” the Most Badass Chore in the World

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You’re going to need way more than Ajax to get the stunning visuals of Carrie Underwood’s “Dirty Laundry” video out of your head.

The brand new video and fourth single from Storyteller, features Carrie at her most flawless as she details just how easy it was to figure out there’s a snake in the bed.

The video features quick cuts of black-and-white visuals featuring Carrie, different women wearing a man’s shirt, different men showing various degrees of emotion and then there’s the still-life imagery of a snake, an owl, a peacock, a street sign at the Corner of Love and Lost, a horse, a burning shoe, a cigarette, a burning door knob, an elk and a shattered glass of wine.

Before you get in too deep, there’s a reason for the animals, “Shane had the idea to include some beautiful animals that represent the parallels between human and animal behavior and instincts, which look great interwoven with visuals of emotional women and men. It gave us a way to portray one of my songs in a way we’ve never done before,” Carrie shared in a press release.

“Different guys and girls come in, and it’s just all about emotion. It’s not to following the storyline too much, which is something I really didn’t wanna do. It’s a little more abstract than that.”