5 Hilarious Things That Happened During Carrie Underwood’s Interview with an Australian TV Show

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Carrie Underwood is currently spending a few weeks in Australia opening for Keith Urban and while there, she stopped by “The Project” for an interview.

Carrie is wildly funny and it’s always interesting to see her personality really come out during interviews. Especially kind of odd interviews.

Carrie had some great moments during this interview:

1. The host was super excited to meet another woman named Carrie and asked if Carrie was an American name.
“I definitely run across the special ones…every Carrie I’ve ever met has been awesome.”

That has to be a lie.

2. Carrie thinks she’s living in the future in Australia.
“I woke up and the time difference is giant…my clock is so off. It’s yesterday, we’re in the future somehow for me.”

3. Carries says there’s not much dirt on Keith Urban.
Host: “There’s no beef in country music?”
Carrie: “I don’t eat meat.”

4. Carrie can yodel.
“I can yodel…I won’t yodel, everyone will ask me to yodel.”

5. Carrie had to baby-proof her trash cans on the tour bus.
“We have like, trash shoots and stuff. That would be bad if the baby was in the trash.”