Mike Fisher Shares How He Won Carrie Underwood Over

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Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood have been married for 7 years and seem to be happier than ever. With Mike’s recent retirement from the Nashville Predators and Carrie taking time off the road from a massive tour, they’ve been soaking up family time with their son Isaiah.

The story goes that Carrie and Mike met during a meet-and-greet at one of Carrie’s shows– as her bassist Mark Childers was attempting to set them up. They dated a year and got married.

But, that’s the short version.

Recently, Mike shared a video showing just how he won Carrie over. In his words, “worked like a charm.”

Carrie tells the story a little differently, “The first time I met him, I sent a text to @bassmmmbass (who set us up) saying “Hot, hot, hot!!!” I was right then, and I’m right now when I say that he’s hotter now than he’s ever been!”

Honestly, they’re both 10s.