Brad Paisley Said the Highlight of the 51st Annual CMA Awards is Going to Be Carrie Underwood, Which Means NEW MUSIC?!

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As Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood are preparing to host the 51st Annual CMA Awards, the BFFs are also doing something they rarely do before the show– making predictions. At least Brad is anyway.

During an interview on “Good Morning America,” Brad proudly and bolding exclaimed, “I predict that the highlight of our show is Carrie…that’s my prediction.”

Carrie replied, “If it is, it has absolutely nothing to do with me.”

Normally, this exchange could be laughed off or ignored, but it’s been 2 years since Carrie dropped her hugely-successful Storyteller album. It’s also been a few months since she announced she parted ways with her record label and moved to Universal Music Group.

But, this year Brad’s statement brings up two things to look out for– new music and that Female Vocalist of the Year trophy.

For 3 years straight (2006-2008) Carrie walked away with the Female Vocalist of the Year award. In 2010 Miranda Lambert came onto the scene and won the trophy six straight times over Carrie, no matter the radio singles, tour numbers or other accolades.

Carrie and Miranda used to be on the same record label. They aren’t anymore. Brad could be predicting that he thinks votes are going to be split a little differently this year or he knows what Carrie is going to perform.

In year’s past Carrie has always had a current single to perform, so could she be debuting new music from her first album on her new label? Maybe? Maybe. Maybe!

The 51st Annual CMA Awards, which will grace the stage live from Bridgestone Arena, Wednesday, Nov. 8 (8:00-11:00 PM/ET) on the ABC Television Network.