5 Songs From Carrie Underwood’s Debut Album We Still Have on Repeat

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Carrie Underwood has consistently churned out some amazing hits throughout her incredibly successful career, but there are a few classic cuts from her debut album that are still near and very dear to our hearts.

While Carrie’s radio-hits from Some Hearts were obviously top notch, here are five albums cuts that we’ve playing so often and so many times that they might as well have been on the radio.

5 Songs From Carrie Underwood’s Debut Album We Still Have on Repeat:

1. “I Ain’t in Checotah Anymore”

Carrie opened up about her hometown in this tune. “Where 69 meets 40 there’s a single stop light town …” The superstar recalls her beloved trips in her daddy’s ford and longs to return to her hometown when living the rock star life in the big city.

2. “The Night Before (Life Goes On)”

Rumor has it that this song was going to recorded by Reba McEntire, but then Carrie got it.

That same rumor explains that Reba asked for the song’s bridge to be added because she didn’t feel comfortable singing the song from the teenager’s perspective.

This song always takes me back to those precious few weeks before college.

3. “We’re Young and Beautiful”

This song is just fun. It’s a windows rolled down, radio blaring kind of song. Perfect for summer.

4. “Lessons Learned”

Some people take issue with list songs, but I love this one. Things happen in life but there’s always a reason. Chin up and sing along!

5. “Some Hearts”

This song is perfect for a sing along. Random dance party in your living room? “Some hearts just get lucky sometimes.”