Carrie Underwood Discusses the Plight of Women at Country Radio


Carrie Underwood is featured as the latest guest on the Women Want to Hear Women, where the “Cry Pretty” singer addresses the difficulties women face at radio. Hosted by Elaina Smith, the two women discuss a myriad of topics including the lack of female representation within the genre and on tours, as well as what it means to be a boss lady.

When Elaina asks Carrie what the industry has to do to make sure there is more female representation, she explains that the first thing that needs to be done is “shutting that door on ‘women don’t want to hear women,’ because that’s BS.”

“Even when I was growing up, I wished there was more women on the radio and I had a lot more than there are today,” she adds. “Think about all of the little girls that are sitting at home saying, ‘I want to be a country music singer.’ What do you tell them? What do you do? How do you look at them and say, ‘Well, just work hard, sweetie, and you can do it.’ When that’s not the case right now. ‘Cause I see so many girls out there bustin’ their rear ends and so many guys out there that it’s some new guy out there has a No. 1, and I’m like, ‘Good for you, that’s great, but who are you?’”

Carrie also discusses her upcoming 2019 Cry Pretty Tour where she is bringing along Maddie and Tae and Runaway June. While she says people have been commenting on the all-female lineup, she doesn’t understand why it isn’t the norm. “Why would I not want to take women on the road with me?” she asks, adding that both Maddie and Tae and Runaway June have earned their coveted opening slot.

“I’m not throwing anybody a bone by taking them out on tour with me. They deserve to be there and they’re gonna put on a really great show,” she explains. “I’m already proud of all that they’ve done. I’m a fan. It’s good when women support women.”

Carrie’s upcoming album, Cry Pretty, will be released on Sept. 14.

Annie Reuter
Annie Reuter is a freelance journalist based in Nashville. When she's not covering the latest music news or interviewing countless country artists, she can be found at a writers round listening to the best up-and-coming songwriting talent Music City has to offer.

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