Carrie Underwood Made Me Cry Singing “I Will Always Love You” on the Bobby Bones Show

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While driving to our office this morning I did what I always do– flip through the radio stations until I find something I can stomach. When I finally reached preset four in on my radio dial, I almost drove off the road because Carrie Underwood was on the Bobby Bones show singing the Dolly Parton version of “I Will Always Love You.”

Maybe I love Carrie (and Dolly) a little too much or maybe it was early in the morning– either way– this performance made me tear up and I’m not afraid to admit it. Just wait until you get to the 2:27 mark. You’ll cry too.



Carrie’s performance was a part of “Joy Week” on the Bobby Bones Show, which is a full week dedicated “to choosing and spreading joy in honor of people that are prime examples of making a conscious effort to not let hardship or difficulty cause them to lose hope or positivity in their lives.”

Carrie is currently on her headlining Storyteller Tour where she’s wowing crowds with this song and 22 No. 1 hits in sold-out arenas every night.