Chase Rice Promised More Depth and Meaning, But His New Single Doesn’t Deliver

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Earlier this year, Chase Rice wrote 371 words to fans promising “more depth and meaning” to his music and his upcoming album.

The letter was accompanied by the release of the single, “Whisper” that was basically a bad representation of what would happen if R. Kelly moved to Nashville for one evening and wrote a song. It was a dirty song about having sex on a table and wasn’t very deep or meaningful.

With his newest release, “Everybody We Knew Does,” I was rooting for Rice and his promise of what country music deserves (more depth and meaning). In a release, Rice said this tune and his other unreleased songs comes from, “spending some time out at my farm, just unplugging for a bit and reflecting on what music means to me and what it means to all of the people who have shown up and supported me over the years.”

So, unplugging here equates to cranking up the volume and guitar distortion to bring fans yet another country music song about a blue collar country music lovin’ person who likes to get their boots dirty and throw beer cans in the bed of their truck.

No, for real.

Everybody we know does
Not everybody throws their empties in a truck bed
Pours sweat off forty hours for paycheck
Take it to the bank at five
Save a nickle spend a dime
I’m living it up

If this song is truly supposed to reflect Rice’s life and the life his fans live, why is he assuming people still go to the bank to deposit their checks on a Friday? Country music fans don’t have direct deposit?

In his letter, Rice basically told fans to ignore “Whisper,” which totally flopped at country radio and told them to hold tight and get ready for his album, “This first song may not be what you’re looking for yet, but that’s ok, because music was not meant to be heard in singles, but in albums. My album will be out later this summer, and I can promise you one thing….if you absolutely love this progressive version, I appreciate you, and I think you will love this upcoming ALBUM. If you have listened to my music for years and want to hear more depth and meaning, I very much appreciate you, too, and your desires will also be fulfilled on this album (and truthfully, that was my goal on previous albums with songs like ‘Carolina Can’ and ‘Every Song I Sing’).”

“Everybody We Know Does” just doesn’t deliver on Rice’s promise. At all.

Chase Rice – Everybody We Know Does