Chase Rice Remembers Fans Who Come to His Shows

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The relationship between an artist and his or her fans is special and symbiotic. One cannot live without the other.

Chase Rice is proud to say that he has fans who have been with him from the beginning.

“I’ve seen a lot of these fans for over three years now, and that’s before I ever had a song on the radio,” he explains. “So, I had a lot of fans before I ever had anything going for my on the radio, and then all of a sudden to look out and see those faces, you know, in a crowd of hundred people…that was cool, and I’d keep seeing them.”

Those initial fans stuck with him too.

“But then all of a sudden radio hit, and we continue to tour, and continue to get my music out there, I can continue to put new music out, and I look out to a crowd of 3000 people and see some of the same people that were there when I was when hundred,” he adds. “That’s really cool to me just to see you grow…see some of the same old faces, see a lot of new faces but more importantly just look out and see faces. I lookout, and I’m seeing all these people sing my songs and that’s pretty special.”

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