Blake Shelton Says He’ll Be Damned if Chloe Kohanski Isn’t a Star After This Performance on “The Voice”


in 1998, Dido released “Thank You” on the soundtrack to the movie, “Sliding Doors.” Eventually, she included it on her debut album, No Angel, and the tune peaked at No. 3 on Billboard‘s Hot 100 Chart. After Chloe Kohanksi‘s Top 12 live performance on “The Voice” for #TeamBlake, the song is likely going to work its way back up the iTunes chart, because that’s how this whole thing works.

Before the show started, Chloe shared, “I sing for those who need love.” She also dedicated the performance to her boyfriend, “it’s not a very glamorous love song…there’s a line, ‘and then you call me…’ and whenever he calls me or I call him, it’s all right.”

Coach Blake Shelton is pretty convinced Chloe could be a star and is already building her up to record labels. After the performance, Blake gave her a standing ovation as her boyfriend Hunter watched from the front row.

“I really think you are a total superstar. I just felt like you were at an awards show and you are just such a star. No one else could do this but you.” former coach Miley Cyrus told her.

Of course, Blake had some high praise, “I’ve been sitting in this seat for 13 seasons and I’ve never heard a more rounded voice, I’ll be damned if you’re not a star.”

Lauren Cowling
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