Chris Stapleton Isn’t Going to Let Fear or Evil Drive His Decisions


As someone who attends (country music) concerts for a living, I’ve been asked the question, “are you afraid to go to shows” a lot over the last week. And so has every country music star that’s ever played to a live crowd.

Most recently, CMT’s Cody Alan asked Chris Stapleton for his thoughts on what’s next after the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas. Stapleton, ever poignant, answered with a question– “Where does someone go in their mind to do these unthinkable things? I don’t understand it. You want to look for reasons or some explanation even, and I don’t know that there is one. There’s a certain amount of innocence that gets lost from it when these things happen.”

Stapleton also went on to say the tragedy would not control his decisions, “I’m not saying not to be afraid and not be terrified of things like that, but… I want to step out there with a certain degree of defiance against things like that and not let fear and hate and just evil run my decisions and how I carry myself. If we do that, then we’re letting that win and rule us and that’s exactly what people who would commit heinous acts like that would want. Personally, I can’t give in to that. I can’t do it.”

Stapleton’s answer seemed to allude to exactly what he sings about in “Broken Halos.”

Seen my share of broken halos
Folded wings that used to fly
They’ve all gone wherever they go
Broken halos that used to shine
Broken halos that used to shine

Don’t go looking for the reasons
Don’t go asking Jesus why
We’re not meant to know the answers
They belong to the by and by
They belong to the by and by

Lauren Cowling
Born and raised in the South, Lauren grew up going to football games with her family and eating overcooked steak. When not writing, Lauren enjoys reading biographies, searching for pictures of puppies on the internet and drinking Sprite.

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