Chris Stapleton’s New Gospel-Infused “Broken Halos” is Really Good

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During Dolly Parton’s “Smoky Mountains Rise: A Benefit For My People Fund” telethon, Chris Stapleton opened up the long list of performances with an unreleased track, “Broken Halos.”

The gospel-infused track is vintage
Stapleton, though softer. “Broken Halos” is one of those gentle reminders that, often, people don’t have answers for why bad things happen, but if you keep the faith, it’ll all make sense one day.

Don’t go looking for the reasons,
don’t go asking Jesus why,

We’re not meant to know the answers,

They belong to the by and by.

After Stapleton performed and spent a good portion of the evening answer the phone, Parton revealed that
Stapleton left a check for $50,000 check in her dressing room, totally unannounced.

A gentle reminder that he is as authentic as his music.

“Broken Halos” is featured on Stapleton’s From A Room: Vol. 1.