Chris Stapleton Introducing His Wife Morgane on Stage is the Greatest Thing Ever

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If music organizations ever start handing out awards for best band introductions, you can bet
Chris Stapleton will be a winner. Not just because Stapleton seems to be winning anything and everything lately, but because his introductions are truly magical.

Instead of just introducing his band the old-fashioned way,
Stapleton uses his unique and soulful voice to sing the introductions. And he doesn’t just sing the names, he throws in a few fun facts.

Obviously, the best introduction is when Stapleton introduces his wife and singing partner,

It could be an album cut the way he sings, “And last, but not least… she’s myyyyyy lovely, lovely, lovely, lovely, wife…honey, I do love you, let me have a big Nashville welcome for Ms. Morgane.”

Of course, Morgane just smiles the whole time. And how could you not?