Go Behind The Scenes At Chris Young’s Grand Ole Opry Induction, “It’s Just As Special As You Think It Is”


Chris became the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry last month, standing in the famous circle onstage and joining some of the greatest names in country music in one of the greatest musical families in the world. Before the ceremony, Young was able to reflect on his time at the Opry, what it means to him, and how he hopes to carry on it’s legacy into the future.

Young first decided to become a country artists after seeing Vince Gill perform live. The fact that Gill invited Young to join the Opry brought his musical aspirations full circle. “It’s just as special as you think it is,” he said.

“The Opry stage is one of those things,” Young reflected. “You’re always really excited to be back… Thinking about the difference between the first time time I played that stage going, ‘I have no idea if I’ll ever get to do this again, but it was really cool I got to be here tonight’ as opposed to tonight going, ‘They have to have me back so much now!'”

Young is now a member of a country legacy, guarding tradition, honoring the past, and looking forward to the future. But the most important part about Opry membership is the relationships it brings with fans, other artists, and a musical heritage that transcends generations.

“It’s an incredible experience any time you step on that stage, knowing the history, knowing that it’s not only looking forward but looking back. It was that way for me ten years ago, it will be that way ten years from now and longer than that.”

Dusty Sullivan
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