Chris Young Does It Again With New Single, “Hangin’ On”

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Dare we say that Chris Young has another hit on his hands. After scoring his 10th No. 1 single with “Losing Sleep,” the Tennessee native has dropped his latest offering, “Hangin’ On.”

“‘Hangin’ On’ is one of my favorite songs on the record,” said Chris. “It’s just got so much energy. It was so much fun getting into the studio and really building the track that goes with this one. It’s a fun one to play on tour and I love hearing it when it’s actually in its finished state, with what we left the studio with.”

The new song, written by Chris Young, Corey Crowder and Josh Hoge, is the second single from Chris’ album “Losing Sleep” and follow-up to the title track. In the song, Chris is singing about falling hard for a girl that he just can’t get enough of.

Yeah, I’m hangin’ on hangin’ on / to every word you say / every move you make / I’m hangin’ on hangin’ on / wondering what’s up next girl, I can’t wait / ain’t nothing like spinning you around the room / where everyone can see / you hangin’ on hangin’ on to me,” Chris sings in the chorus.

The song is destined to be Chris’ 11th No. 1 hit, with its catchy lyrics and up-tempo melody—something Chris has successfully mastered over the years

You can catch the song live as Chris, along with special guests Kane Brown and LANCO, continues his Losing Sleep Tour, making stops in Atlanta, St. Augustine, Fla. and Ft. Meyers, Fla.