Chris Young Details What It Was Like Being in Las Vegas and How He Plans to Move Forward on Tour


Not long before the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting in Las Vegas, Chris Young was preparing for two huge events. He was going to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry and release an album. Career-wise, things couldn’t be moving in a better direction for him.

Young wasn’t on stage during the festival in Las Vegas, but he was there backstage watching tourmates Kane Brown and Jason Aldean perform. Since then, he was inducted into the Opry, released that album and announced a new tour for 2018. He sat down with People to discuss moving forward and what his tour would even look like in the future.

“Being there in Vegas and being backstage when the shooting happened was far and away the most terrifying night of my life. Knowing that I got away safely when there were people that didn’t, I don’t know you can find anything more terrifying than that in my life. It’s just terrible.”

Ultimately, Young decided to keep moving forward, “I really debated what I was going to do. I talked to my band, my crew; I talked with my family, my management and decided that the best thing for me would be to go out there and play again. That was what my decision was and is going to be: I’m going to play.”

And that’s what he’s going to do, because ultimately he knows music can help people heal, “Whether you’re having the best day of your life or the worst day, music is something you can turn to. I am real lucky to get on stage and perform music that makes people feel every kind of emotion that you can feel. It’s a very special and sacred thing for me.”

Young hits the road with Brown and LANCO starting in January.

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