Cole Swindell Reverses Course In New Video for “Break Up In The End”

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Cole Swindell has released the video for his latest single, “Break Up in The End,” and he’s doing things a little different.

Directed by Jay Martin, the video—a clever play on the song’s premise—begins at the end. That’s right, it plays in reverse. We first meet the ill-fated couple when at the moment they breakup and we work our way to the beginning of their formerly happy relationship. Not only does the Georgia native sing in the video, but he also plays the role of the ex-boyfriend.

The song, written by Jon Nite, Chase McGill and Jessie Jo Dillon, finds Cole singing about still choosing to go through a relationship even though he knows the outcome will end in heartbreak.

“There are some relationships where you’re like, ‘You know what, I learned a lot. I don’t regret it.’ Some relationships you come out with good things, and you don’t regret it,” Cole tells One Country. “I think that’s what this is. This is a whole different level of breakup song.”

“Break Up in the End” is Cole’s ninth single and first from his upcoming album, due out later this year.