Cole Swindell’s Down Home Tour Was Inspired By Kenny Chesney

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Cole Swindell has been playing huge arenas all year, but he’s planning to play smaller venues on his Down Home tour.

“Getting to be on tour with Florida Georgia Line all year, we’ve gotten to play some massive venues,” Cole told One Country’s Kelly Sutton. “The past three years, I’ve been on tour with amazing artists. Every year, we’ve went back to the clubs toward the end of the year instead of taking little break, we just keep it going and put out a couple songs around it. As long as I’m gonna write songs, I want my friends to hear ’em. I was in a tough situation, I feel like this time, because I just had an album come out and I didn’t want to stop the tradition.”

He was inspired to continue the Down Home tour by Kenny Chesney‘s club dates.

“I always heard of Chesney, when I was in college, going back and doing little pop up shows in college towns and that was just the coolest,” he said. “He was supposed to come to Georgia Southern, my college town, and something happen and the show got canceled. Actually, he called me up on stage last year and I got to sing with him, so we called it even.”

The song that Cole sang with Kenny is actually a special one.

“We cover ‘Don’t Happen Twice’ because at Georgia Southern — for those of you watching, that’s not my initials that’s GS — that’s where I got my start. The first gig I ever had, “Don’t Happen Twice” was the first song on the set list and I was so nervous I couldn’t breathe, somehow got through the song. Years later, I’m touring with Kenny Chesney and I told him that story and he said, ‘We’ll have to get you up and do it sometime.’ And sure enough, in Seattle, he got me up to sing it and it was just, one of those moments I don’t think I’ll ever get to experience that. It was 15 years in the making or something like that. Maybe not that many but something.”

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