Cole Swindell Gets Dating Advice From Dierks Bentley in His New Single “Flatliner”

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Sometimes you just need a wingman.

Cole Swindell gets some dating advice from Dierks Bentley in his new single “Flatliner.” The toe-tapping new tune is about meeting a woman who you are instantly attracted to you.

Sippin’ on this seven-seven
Never been this close to heaven
Got the pretty turned up to eleven
Droppin’ them dead on the dance floor
Somebody better call a doctor
She’s a little heart stopper
I’m talkin’ breaker breaker one-niner
She’s a flatliner, oh she’s a flatliner

My favorite part, though, is the spoken part between two where Dierks tells Cole to sing her a song and Cole asks, “One of my songs?” To which the always funny Dierks replies, “No! One of my songs!”