9 Really Weird Halloween Costumes Based on Country Music and Scary Movies

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You ever show up to a Halloween party and think, “I could’ve thought of that” when someone shows up carrying around a knife and a box cereal? Right? Right.

We just did all of the thinking for you.

9 Really Weird Halloween Costumes Based on Country Music and Scary Movies:

1. Darth Brooks
What goes together better than sci-fi films and country music? Well, before you answer that, imagine yourself with a Takamine guitar around your neck, a red lightsaber, that really cool black helmet and a big cowboy hat. You will be the life of whatever Halloween party you attend this year.

2. Sam Haunt
To pull this off, you need to spring for some skin-tight zebra print joggers, a new Era cap, and some zombie makeup. The most ridiculous part of your costume will be the pants, trust me.

3. Jason Aldean (Friday The 13th version)
Grab some camo gear, wear socks with Crocs, and an old school hockey mask. You’re now ready to terrorize the neighborhood.

4. Stephen King’s Carrie (Underwood)
Before, we thought that Carrie could do it all. She’s got the cool hockey husband, the cute kid, and she’s maybe the biggest star in country music. But on Halloween night? She also has telekinesis.

5. Cam’s Labyrinth
Okay so “Pan’s Labyrinth” isn’t exactly a Halloween movie, but it is at times rather terrifying. I can’t think of anyone less fitting for a mashup than Cam, but hey, the pun works. For this you’ll need a yellow dress and some fake eyeballs taped to your palms.

6. Nightmare On Eldredge Street
Essentially you’re mashing up Brett Eldredge’s super clean-cut looks, and Freddy Krueger. Freddy Krueger’s looks are much harder to achieve than Brett’s.

7. The Billy Ray Cyrus Of The Lambs
Wearing your favorite cowboy hat and Hannibal Lecter’s mask, just square dance the night away to that “Goodbye Horses” song. This one is sure to be a hit.

8. Kacey In The Woods
Kacey Musgraves! Don’t you go in that cabin in the woods! The sort of over-the-top campiness of this slasher flick seems like it would be right up Kacey’s alley.

9. Phantom Of The Opry
Opry legend Vince Gill in that weird white half mask. This one would have been better with country music anyway.