6 Other Country Music National Anthem Super Bowl Performances

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For the last 50 years, entertainers, bands and choirs have been performing the National Anthem before the Super Bowl. It was recently announced that Luke Bryan will have the honor prior to the playing of the 51st annual game.

Bryan will become only the fifth country music singer to do so– sixth if you count Kelly Clarkson, which we do.

6 Other Country Music National Anthem Super Bowl Performances:

1. Charley Pride // 1974

Doesn’t get much better than Pride.

2. Garth Brooks // 1993

It almost didn’t happen, but in the end– Brooks wowed the crowd and the millions watching at home.

3. Faith Hill // 2000

Best Review, Idolator: “The combination of Faith’s understated pitch perfection and the kids doing that kind of Napoleon Dynamite interpretive dance earned the flawless country crossover star our #4 spot.”

4. Dixie Chicks // 2003

Best Review, Fox Sports: “It’s still a pretty top-notch performance, with the kind of flawless, three-part harmony that would’ve made the Bee Gees blush.”

5. Carrie Underwood // 2010

Best Review, Entertainment Weekly: “And so, The Lady Underwood keeps intact a record of vocal spotlessness* that would be the envy of even an Indianapolis fan. In other words…well played, Ms. Underwood, well played.”

6. Kelly Clarkson // 2012

Best Review, Washington Post: “And she proved it during Sunday’s game, hitting all the high notes spot-on and, even better, getting all the lyrics right. That Kelly Clarkson: She knows her ramparts.”