Charles Kelley Joined Sam Hunt on Stage for a Medley of ’90s Diva Hits (And It Was Everything)

Charles Kelley has eight GRAMMYs to his credit, several No. 1 singles and critically acclaimed debut solo album. We’ve seen him jam to Montell Jordan, Run DMC and Miley Cyrus, but Sam Hunt may have stumped his musical talents when he asked Kelley to join him on stage for his usual performance of hits from ’90s divas.

Charles made it through Reba McEntire’s “Fancy,” before opting to take photos of Sam on his phone during Trisha Yearwood’s “She’s In Love With the Boy.” By the time Sam got to Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name,” Charles got back in the groove.

Still can’t find any of the photos he took on stage. Be on the lookout.

3 Travis Tritt ’90s Country Music Videos That Made Us Cry Repeatedly

The ’90s were an important time for country music videos. Although they were still a relatively new creation, videos allowed artists to tell the story of their music, much like a short movie, to entertain and attract fans. During this period, Travis Tritt created a character named Mac Singleton, whom he played in a three music videos over the course of seven years.

1. “Anymore”

“Anymore” was the first video in the series, filmed in 1991. In it we learn that Vietnam War veteran Singleton has been wounded and is now wheelchair bound. While recovering, he meets another vet named Al who helps him through his recovery. The conflict of the video is Singleton’s hesitancy to contact his wife, Annie, knowing he no longer has use of his legs.

2. “Tell Me I Was Dreaming”

The second video in the series was filmed in 1995 and begins where “Anymore” ends, with Mac and Annie going home. We see how Mac has built a life with Annie despite being confined to a wheelchair. He’s started a business with Al and Annie is pregnant. The video then skips forward in time, and Annie passes away from an unfortunate accident. This leaves Mac and Al to raise Mac’s daughter, whom he has named for her mother.

3. “If I Lost You”

This clip ends the series, taking place 5 years after “Tell Me I Was Dreaming” (but shot only three years later.) Since the events of the last video, Mac has been struggling with his disability and being a single father. Annie is 5 years old and independent, which is a struggle for Mac to handle. While the lyrics of the song are seemingly romantic, the message of those lyrics paired with the video’s content send the message that Mac couldn’t live without his daughter after losing his wife.

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9 Best Country Music Videos of 2015

As we near the end of 2015, it’s only fitting that Country Outfitter Life shares a few of those classic, end of the year lists. Like you, we are kind of bored with the typical end of the year lists, so we’re putting our own spin on a few! 

This year was stacked with awesome country music videos and more than one video featured a lot of fire and puppets! So many puppets. But, yes, we have favorites.

9 Best Country Music Videos of 2015:

1. “Burning House” // Cam

Until you watch the video, you’d think Cam actually burning down a house would be cliche. It’s not though– it’s beautiful and brilliant.

2. “Take Your Time” // Sam Hunt

Sam could have taken this video in a number of directions. It could’ve been flirty, it could’ve been fun, instead he stood up to domestic violence.

3. “Biscuits” // Kacey Musgraves

Kacey is a triple-threat in this one– comedian, dancer and one of country music’s best.

4. “Little Toy Guns” // Carrie Underwood

Carrie was able to tell this story in a beautiful, chilling way and she looked really good while doing it.

5. “Girl Crush” // Little Big Town

The simplicity of this video allows fans to focus on the music and how good looking Little Big Town is as a group.

6. “Break Up With Him” // Old Dominion

Talk about clever. I want Old Dominion to parody a classic ’80s film for all of their videos now. 

7. “Country Nation” // Brad Paisley

Yep, Brad Paisley and his merry band of college mascots killed it in this video. Especially the one who is a welder.

8. “I’m To Blame” // Kip Moore

Kip Moore in a blue tux crashing a wedding? All day long.

9. “I Got The Boy” // Jana Kramer

Ugh, this one is all too real for almost every girl out there. Jana’s vulnerable and beautiful in what is likely to become her signature song.

Honorable Mention:

“Real Life” // Jake Owen

“Fly” // Maddie & Tae

“Little Red Wagon” // Miranda Lambert

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10 Country Music Videos From 1999 That Will Make You Giggle

Remember when making a country music video only consisted of a sexy co-star, maybe a desert landscape and if on a good day, some dim lighting? Things were just simpler in 1999– you could hear a pop song on the radio and just call up Justin Timberlake and ask his boy band to re-record the song with you. Or, you could just create your own pop alter-ego like Garth Brooks did.


1. “Stand Beside Me” // Jo Dee Messina

Your man can’t stand beside you because you’re all up on that wall.

2. “How Forever Feels” // Kenny Chesney

The neon-clad dancers with visible thongs really make this one a gem.

3. “You Were Mine” // Dixie Chicks

This one is actually totally depressing. Minus those outfits.

4. “Single White Female” // Chely Wright

We have always thought the best place to meet someone would be church or some form of public transportation like a city bus.

5. “When I Said I Do” // Clint Black

Great song, but this video is basically dripping in cheese.

6. “God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You” // Alabama featuring *NSYNC

What if Alabama did this now? No, why did Alabama even do this in the first place?

It’s even worse after you watch *NSYNC’s original.

7. “Breathe” // Faith Hill

Just makes us want to ask Faith Hill how often she washes her sheets– especially with that desert dust around.

8. “Ordinary Love” // Chad Brock

Probably should pan out on Chad every now and then.

9. “A Night To Remember” // Joe Diffie

You know it’s a good video when there’s a guy wandering around a field playing his guitar.

10. “Lost In You” // Chris Gaines

An absolute masterpiece and a perfect example of something that was acceptable in 1999 for some unknown reason.

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6 Country Music Videos from 1995 You Sadly Forgot About

The old saying, “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” can certainly describe music videos as whole, not just country music videos. The days of movie-like budgets and productions are long past for most artists, though a few are still holding steady. Country music in the early ’90s was in its prime and so were its music videos. Most good videos featured a strong story and the singer front-and-center. If the video was really good there was some type of choreographed dance, too.

So, no– they don’t make ’em like that used to.

6 Country Music Videos from 1995 You Sadly Forgot About:

Tracy Lawrence // “Texas Tornado”

The fact that the video begins with Tracy Lawrence dressed as a pirate who was magically transported back in time to spy on a family is enough to take the day off from work. Eventually, Tracy/the pirate falls in love with this single mom running a farm and they do a lot of chores around the farm before getting all dressed up to head out to a picnic. Though Tracy/the pirate and this woman are madly in love, he sleeps in the barn and eventually leaves her before being struck by lightning again. Absolutely nothing in the video makes sense, which truly makes it a masterpiece.

Joe Diffie // “Pickup Man”

Jackpot! This video features Joe in a field hosting a party and choreographed dance, plus a story. Not to mention– that mullet.

Alan Jackson // “Gone Country”

We begin with Alan Jackson in overalls sans shirt, before meeting up with him in a neon sign graveyard in some heavy fringe. There’s not a strong story to follow, but there are some beauiful images of America. And again, the heavy fringe is front-and-center just where it should be.

John Michael Montgomery // “I Can Love You Like That”

JMM’s classic video follows a couple on their wedding day, as he serenades them in a white leather jacket covered in fringe that reaches to his knees. A lot of tears were shed watching his video 20 years ago.

Tim McGraw // “I Like It I Love It”

Careful, this video could cause some serious motion sickness. Tim takes us behind the scenes of his tour, while his production crew tried out every single editing feature video production offered in 1995. like, every single effect. Some of the camera angles are pretty choice, too. However, there’s more than one shot of Tim dropping it low and that’s hard to not watch again and again– just take a Dramamine.

David Lee Murphy // “Dust On The Bottle”

This is one of those songs that until you read the lyrics and really listen to it, you don’t realize that David Lee Murphy stops by a man named Creole’s house to pick up some homemade wine so he can “treat a lady right.” This song is truly catchy and utterly terrifying. The video features David Lee walking around a town between shots of him sitting on his tailgate singing. Unfortunately, Creole doesn’t make an appearance in the video, but we’ll always have our memories.


Image Source: Curb, Vevo

10 Splashiest Country Music Videos

Country music artists love water, especially in their videos. Whether the clip is a fun-loving and breezy summer adventure or has a far deeper and more profound meaning, pools, rivers, oceans, lakes and the like have served as the vehicle to unravel the story. The early days of MTV and CMT allowed artists to utilize the visual medium in a way they never could before, giving them license to take their lyricism to new heights. Of course, we now live in the day of YouTube, a refocusing of what videos mean for singers. But, when you look back at country’s history in relationship with videos, you’ll find that water is an inescapable force in the storytelling model.

Country Outfitter takes a look at some of the most prolific and defining music videos of all time, ranging from the youthful glow of Leann Rimes’ debut single to Carrie Underwood’s 2014 career-solidifying moment.

Water is in marvelous form as we take a stroll down memory lane in our 10 Splashiest Country Music Videos:

“Blue” by Leann Rimes (1996)

“Tell Me I Was Dreaming” by Travis Tritt (1994)

“Chattahoochee” by Alan Jackson (1992)

“Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood (2014)

“Old Blue Chair” by Kenny Chesney (2004)

“Knee Deep” by Zac Brown Band featuring Jimmy Buffett (2010)

“Cry” by Faith Hill

“Water” by Brad Paisley (2010)

“Standing Knee Deep in a River Dying of Thirst” by Kathy Mattea (1992)

“If I Die Young” by The Band Perry (2010)


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Steven Tyler’s First Country Music Video

Steven Tyler’s “Love Is Your Name” is the first country music release for the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famer and the music video for the debut is pretty high-end country, but country nonetheless.

Country music may be new for Tyler, but he hasn’t lost his uniqe style or spirit as he’s embraced the new genre.

The video takes place in a field and the deck of a shack, as Tyler hangs with friends, just as diverse as the singer’s scarf collection. Tyler told People, “During the chorus, we had a big bonfire going. I burnt my eyebrows off, but it was worth it. We went through [the sequence] and the wind blew. The jacket I wore had little fur pieces on it and I could smell the burn on it. It blew the flames right at me!”

The “gypsy chic” video, as Tyler calls it, was shot just outside of Nashville’s city limits. “This video has so many personal elements in it for me. I came from a family that was a touring band. I grew up as a young boy with my pet raccoon and my slingshot. My real band Loving Mary is featured in the video,” explained Tyler. “This song and video both resemble what the album will sound like.”

Image Source: YouTube

5 of George Strait’s Best Country Music Videos

As George Strait celebrates his 63rd birthday, I’m celebrating his long and illustrious career— mostly his best music videos.

In no real order, George Strait’s Best Country Music Videos:

“Carrying Your Love With Me”

Oh, why can’t George Strait be a hitchhiker just one time on a road trip?

“Check Yes Or No”

Do you think anyone has ever even thought about checking no, when George Strait is asking?

“Amarillo By Morning”

I would meet George Strait in Amarillo anytime of the day.


Even with a mullet and some scruff George Strait is the best looking man in Texas and most parts of the lower-48.

“Write This Down”

George Strait could tell me to re-write “War and Peace” and I’d do it.

6 Crazy Celebrity Cameos in Country Music Videos

Nashville and Hollywood have never been that different. Shawn Mullins called the City of Angels, “Nashville with a tan,” while Jason Aldean sang that Music City is “Hollywood with a touch of twang.” Not to mention that one of country’s biggest stars, Keith Urban, married one of the most famous actresses in the world, Nicole Kidman. But marriage isn’t the only collaboration between the silver screen and the airwaves. Country singers often enlist Hollywood’s elite to appear in their music videos.

The list of celebrity cameos is long, so here’s a look at a few the biggest names to appear:

Matthew McConaughey

A Texas boy at heart, Matthew McConaughey has made more than one appearance in the country landscape. In 1992, a young McConaughey played the gas station robbing heartbreaker described in Trisha Yearwood‘s “Walkaway Joe.” In 2010, he returned in a music different role for Jamey Johnson’s “Playing the Part,” in which he roamed around Los Angeles in a gorilla costume.

Andy Griffith

Brad Paisley‘s 2005 hit “Waitin’ on a Woman” offered the perfect role of everybody’s favorite sheriff. The tune, which describes a young man striking up a conversation with an older gentleman, was followed exactly in the video. The clip also cut in Andy’s character’s dialogue in place of Brad’s singing in certain parts, making the story that much more believable.

Liam Hemsworth

The youngest Hemsworth may have been engaged to a Cyrus for a while, but his foray into country music didn’t come until 2010 when he was cast in the Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather” video. Although he’s a fine actor, it likely wasn’t too much of a stretch for the Aussie to play cold well.

William Shatner

Brad Paisley definitely has some famous friends. While there have been lots of those friends — as well as his actress wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley — to appear in his videos, the next biggest star (after Griffith) would have to be Captain Kirk. A big “Star Trek” fan, Brad enlisted William Shatner to play his father in the 2007 video for “Online.”

Dennis Franz, Jane Krakowski, Lauren Holly

Dennis Franz may have rose to fame as a detective on “NYPD Blue,” but he became the missing person for the Dixie Chicks’ 2009 video “Goodbye Earl.” A celebrity filled clip, he played the abusive husband, Earl, who is killed by his wife, Wanda, played by Jane Krakowski (“30 Rock”), and her best friend, Mary Ann, played by Lauren Holly (Dumb & Dumber). Lead singer Natalie Maines’ husband, actor Adrian Pasdar (“Heroes”), and Michael DeLuise (“Gilmore Girls”) also make an appearance as the clueless police officers sent to investigate Earl’s disappearance.

Duck Dynasty

Since the rise of their reality show, the Robertsons have made appearances and numerous country events. However, their connection to country music was solidified on the small screen when Darius Rucker asked Korie, Sadie, Si and Willie Robertson to appear in his video for “Wagon Wheel,” which was released in 2013. (And yes, that’s Lady Antebellum, too.)

Image Soure: YouTube

5 Country Music Videos to Get Over Winter

As another round of winter weather gears up to hit something like 40 states over the coming days– I’m officially over it. I don’t need summer or the beach or anything like that, I just need to be able to leave my house without feeling like I’ll never be warm again. While I sit here wearing multiple pairs of socks, I’m watching these country music videos to help my (never-ending) winter blues.

Alan Jackson // “Chattahoochee”

Even blue jeans aren’t enough to keep warm right now. But, Alan Jackson’s tenacity in this video is helping the mood.

Little Big Town // “Pontoon”

A pontoon would get stuck in ice right now, but the mountains are definitely blue, so there is that.

Jake Owen // “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”

I can’t even be barefoot in my own house– it’s that cold.

Keith Urban // “Long Hot Summer”

Ha! This actually seems like a cruel joke.

Kacey Musgraves // “Follow Your Arrow”

Palm trees! Cacti! I will follow my arrow there.

Image Source: YouTube