Courtney Cole Opens Up About Her Roller Coaster Career In Her New YouTube Docuseries

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Last year, Courtney Cole played over 60 shows across the country as an opening act for Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney. “This year, I’ve been on the road, just in a different fashion,” she says. “I’m an Uber driver.” In the last few months Cole has lost her manager, publishing deal, and a relationship with the love of her life. She has decided to share her story in “Courtney Cole: The Rockumentary”, a look at the highs and lows of life as a young country musician.

The first episode of the series follows Cole through a normal day: waking up early to drive for Uber, taking meetings, and trying to write new music. It is square one for an artist trying to make it in Nashville. That’s fine for someone fresh who is trying to break into music for the first, but a return to rock bottom for Cole who has worked her way up over the last decade.

The video is brutally honest and vulnerable, bringing light to a part of the industry that few people talk about. No one thinks they’ll burn out in Nashville, but the story is more common than not.

The episode concludes with Cole writing and living out a new song called “Leave These Tears In Nashville”.

“For 12 years, I’ve been writing my song here in Nashville. I’ve put a lot of pressure on this town to meet my expectations, and in a lot of ways, it’s exceeded them. But in a lot of ways, I’ve been really disappointed. And with everything that’s been happening over the last few weeks, I feel myself shifting and changing. I feel myself wanting more than I’ve been allowing myself to have.

I don’t know what to expect, and honestly I don’t to expect anything. I just want to go and see what’s there, write a new song and tell a new story.”

She packs her life into a U-Haul and heads to LA. Cole promises to share the journey on her YouTube channel.