Exclusive First Listen: Dalton Domino’s “Corners” Featuring Jack Ingram

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Texas artist Dalton Domino will release his new album Corners on April 28, but we have an exclusive first listen of the title track.

The new project was written over the past year and will be released on the singer-songwriter’s one-year anniversary of his sobriety. That journey is woven throughout the album, which was written between Nashville and Fort Worth.

For his latest release, Dalton worked with Music City tunesmith Travis Meadows, who pushed the singer to take his writing deeper into every “corner” of his life. Dalton collaborated with another Lone Star State son, Jack Ingram, for the retrospective song “Corners.”

Dalton told One Country: “This song was a confessional for me and a realization of my past. I wrote ‘Corners’ at a period of time in my life where I had a brief pause in hating myself for the things I did in my past. I realized right then and there I didn’t have to be defined by it. As well as, it’s not up to anyone but yourself to make that change. It’s a song that was a big deal for me personally to write. There was a lot of baggage that disappeared when I was done with it. It was the first step I took in my journey to fix who I was.”

The lyrics and vocal delivery reflect that journey of atonement:

People like me have to live in hell to see if Heaven is worth it
Take the worst of unanswered questions and try to find purpose
I’m not praying for acceptance and if forgiveness never comes I’ll understand
But if I die, I’m going to die knowing who I was ain’t who I am