Danielle Bradbery Celebrates Anniversary of “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met” with New EP

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One year ago this month, Danielle Bradbery released her sophomore album I Don’t Believe We’ve Met. Today, the singer celebrates the release with a three-track EP that highlights the vocals of some of the more poignant songs on the project.

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met (The Vocals), is available now and features the stripped down vocal take of “Worth It,” “Human Diary” and “Potential.”

“I’ve always loved what happens to a song when you strip it down,” Danielle says in a statement. “You can hear moments of imperfection that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. When I was writing and recording this project, I was in a really vulnerable and emotional place. On the day I had to lay down my vocals, I walked in the studio in tears. There’s something really special that happens when you allow yourself to be vulnerable in a space where you feel safe. I think you can feel that moment a little stronger listening to the isolated vocal tracks.”

“Coming back to these songs a year later I recognize that I have grown into a stronger, more independent woman,” she adds. “I am proud of that growth, but I am also proud of the music that provided me with the ability to keep going. Being that today marks one year since the release, we decided to pay tribute to that music and the moments along the way.”

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met (The Vocals) Track List:

1. “Worth It” (Danielle Bradbery, Jeff Pardo, Molly Reed)
2. “Human Diary” (Josh Kerr, Emily Weisband)
3. “Potential” (Danielle Bradbery, Johan Lindbrandt, Emily Weisband)