Darius Rucker Said He Tried To Ruin a Load of Laundry So He Wouldn’t Have To Do It Again, But That Didn’t Work

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Darius was hanging out with the ladies of CBS’ “The Talk” to promote his current album, When Was The Last Time, when the talk (see what I did there) turned to responsibilities.

The South Carolina native joined the co-hosts at the table to talk about current news. When the topic of actor Kevin Hart saying he never changed a diaper, despite having three kids, arose, the question of what responsibilities do you dodge was posed to the panel.

Darius was quick to be the first to respond. “I’ve definitely changed diapers back in the day but I tried to dodge laundry and I got away with it for a minute but she let me know that that rule had to change,” Darius explained. “I don’t do it all the time but I got to do it every now and then.”

When Julie Chen offered some advice that you have to ruin a load and then she won’t want you to do it again, Darius had an answer for that saying, “I’ve done that, it didn’t work. She said, ‘you hang up my clothes you don’t dry my stuff.'”

It was a good try there, Darius.