“The Voice’s” Dave Fenley Has an Odd Connection to Coach Blake Shelton Through Miranda Lambert

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While most of the competitors on shows like “The Voice” are starting their musical journey from square one, some competitors have what fans would consider a leg up on the competition by having some prior experience in the field.

As it turns out, there’s one competitor on Blake Shelton’s team this season on “The Voice” who has been on tour before — just not for singing, per say.

“The Voice” contestant Dave Fenley, who is currently on Blake Shelton’s team, told Country Living that he’d actually met Blake a handful of times prior to his blind audition.

Fenley had competed on “America’s Got Talent” and moved to Nashville in 2013. He was showing off his beatboxing skills at a local bar when someone very close to Blake at the time walked in.

“Oddly enough, Miranda Lambert, who was married to Blake Shelton at the time, saw me in a bar in Nashville. So I spent 2013-2015 on the road with her and it was pretty amazing.”

He says that though he met Blake a handful of times, Blake didn’t recognize him as a singer.

“I was only the beatboxer, so I wasn’t even a singer in the group,” David Fenley said. “So Blake had never really heard me sing, and when he turned he was like ‘Didn’t we know you?’ But there was no recognition because he didn’t associate my voice with me at all.”

Who would’ve known?