Very Few People Know How to Spell Sheryl Crow or Dierks Bentley

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People of the world, come on! Sheryl Crow has been a superstar for decades, yet very few people know how to spell her name. Not surprisingly, people also have trouble spelling Dierks Bentley’s name.

To be fair, Sheryl can be spelled several different ways and Dierks isn’t the most common name in the world, but still– they’re famous and stuff. You’d think you’d see it a few times and remember.

Sheryl and Dierks recently took a spin around Nashville for “Carpool Karaoke” and in between songs they stopped and asked people on the street how to spell their names.

The results were shocking.

That’s a lot of Ls, bro.

Didn’t know there were this many letters in the alphabet available. ​

He gave up after the D.