Dierks Bentley Pulls A Fast One On Fans By Opening For Himself In Disguise

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It seems as though Dierks Bentley always has a fast one up his sleeve. Something crazy seems to happen at every single one of his shows. At a recent concert in Pennsylvania, Bentley joined the Bolo Boys band, a bluegrass group comprised of members of his own band in disguise. Bentley has always had an affinity for both the genre and stringed instruments.

The group’s most recent cover was the ’90s classic, “Sold” from John Michael Montgomery.

Clearly Dierks is getting a real kick out of it. Donning a wig and sunglasses, he is clearly having the time of his life out there. Fans seated close enough to the front were probably privy to the entire ruse, which just makes the whole ordeal that more entertaining.