Dierks Bentley Is Being “Taylor Swift” Mysterious With Social Media Post

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Dierks Bentley has re-emerged on social media to not say a word. The singer hasn’t posted on Instagram since Nov. 11, on Twiter since Dec. 1 and Dec. 19 saw his last Facebook post. But today (Jan. 2), the Arizona native posted a lone video across his social media platforms.

What is Dierks trying to tell us with this post? The “Black” singer posted the video of clouds rolling by a mountain. But the key is, that he didn’t say anything. What are we supposed to think?

A new single from Dierks in the new year? Could that be what he will reveal? A new album? Dierks’ latest album, Black, was released in May 2016, so it could be.

Remember when Taylor Swift started posting lone videos of a snake in preparation for the announcement of her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do.” Looks like Dierks is taking a page from T-Swizzle’s book and making us wait with anticipation.

However, Dierks didn’t delete all his past posts, so we can be assured that the old Dierks Bentley is not dead. But he did delete all his profile pictures across the social media platforms. Hmmm???

Only time will tell. What do you want to tell us Dierks?