Dierks Bentley Performed The PG Version Of His Sexy Single “Black” At The Opry

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Dierks Bentley’s personal single to and about his wife Cassidy Black took the world by storm when he released it earlier this year. The epic and sexy music video featured the extreme Icelandic landscape and nearly NSFW scenes with Bentley and his wife. But, that’s not how the Opry does things. They like less fanfare, less drama, and more focus on the music.

Dierks fit the casual vibe around the Opry sporting a scruffy beard and old pearl snap, but acknowledged that songs about physical intimacy, even in marriage, aren’t the norm for the historic stage.

“I wrote this song about my wife. Her maiden name is Black, so I was trying to write a song about her and the color black, midnight, and all the things that go on when the lights go off. So, uh, let’s see how this song does on the Opry stage.”

It is a great look at Dierks from a strictly musical perspective, but doesn’t capture the intimacy the song conveys.