Dolly Parton Can Handle Any Random Question You Ask Her and Here's Proof

Dolly Parton Can Handle Any Random Question You Ask Her and Here’s Proof

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As Dolly Parton celebrates her Imagination Library giving away its 100 millionth book, she’s making the publicity rounds and even though she’s Dolly Parton, some people still don’t know what to talk to her about.

Dolly’s recent appearance on “Good Morning America” was a fine example of Dolly at her best.

First, the GMA hosts congratulated her on being the most-awarded female country music artist of all-time. Sure, but random.

Then, out of nowhere, they asked her about the Oscars. For those keeping score, Dolly has been nominated for two Oscars for Best Original Song in 1981 and 2006, but she’s not a staple at the annual even by any means.

Dolly handled the random questions like a champ, “I’ve been nominated a few times… it’s always so exciting to see the shows. It’s excited to get nominated and I’m sure it’s exciting to win.”

And of course, they asked her who she thought would win, “No, I like them all. And even if I did, I wouldn’t say it.”

What. Listen, Dolly is an American hero, but I’m guessing that she isn’t really keeping up with Oscar nominations. Why put her on the spot like that?

Finally, after asking her about Adele they asked her about her book.