11 Best Lines From Dolly Parton’s “Christmas of Many Colors”


Dolly Parton’s follow-up to the wonderful “Coat of Many Colors,” didn’t have quite as many classic Dolly one-liners, but the sentiment was there and “Christmas of Many Colors” was an excellent way to spend a couple of hours.

The story picks up with the Parton family preparing for Christmas— the kids are all in the church play and Dolly’s parents are saving every nickel and dime they have to buy each child a store bought present for Christmas. We also got to meet Dolly’s uncle Billy who was a songwriter and eventually helped Dolly get her start. Dolly herself even made an appearance as her personal hero– the painted lady/town tramp.

Of course, this year, Dolly really wants to be Mary in the play and this is where the gettin’ gets good too.

11 Best Lines From Dolly Parton’s “Christmas of Many Colors”:

1. “We can’t have a baby Jesus that wets the manger, Betsy Jean.” — Dolly

2. “Honey? Well, there must’ve been dookie in that beehive.” — Dolly

3. “There’s nothing wrong with praying for what you want.” — Dolly

4. “Who’d want to be a donkey butt when they could be an angel of God?” — Dolly

5. “It’s hard to be holy when you ain’t gettin’ no love from an archangel.” — Dolly

6. “We all know where babies come from, right out they butts in the barn.” — Rudy

7. “Don’t let the sun go down on your anger and it’s getting dark outside!” — Lee Parton

8. “Are you a dream?” — Dolly
“Some women say I’m their worst nightmare.” — Painted Lady

9. “Dirt sucker– sweeps it up and traps the dirt right inside this box.” — Judy (explaining a vacuum)

10. “Don’t ever give up– even when things get hard.” — Miss Moody

11. “I’ve never seen a painted angel up close before, especially not one driving a red Thunderbird, but I never stopped dreaming of looking just like her and that’s one Christmas present I’ve given myself every single day of my life– store bought.” — Dolly (narrator)

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