7 Amazing Things That Happened when Cam and Dolly Parton Went to Cracker Barrel

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Cam is truly a magical creature. I’ve met her several times and each time we talk, I walk away feeling like her very best friend. Like, at this point, I have convinced myself that we are best friends. And obviously, Dolly Parton is one of America’s greatest treasures, so when Cam got to meet up with her at one of America’s other great gems– Cracker Barrel– all the good in the world collided on that porch in two rocking chairs.

Cam had the opportunity to interview Dolly as a part of Cracker Barrel’s Front Porch Series and it was just magical.

7 Amazing Things That Happened when Cam and Dolly Parton Went to Cracker Barrel:

1. Cam brought Dolly roses.


2. “It doesn’t feel real, she’s like a unicorn.”
3. Cam said Dolly had a songwriting muscle and Dolly said she had never heard the phrase before and loved it. Then, she said she had big muscles.

4. Dolly told Cam she just wants to be remembered as a “decent person.”

Eventually, the two played a game together and they had to guess if Dolly said it or someone else said it.


5. Cam couldn’t believe that Dolly likes to buy clothes two sizes too small.
6. Dolly won the game and she admitted that it’s “rigged! It’s rigged!”
7. Dolly said, “It touches me that some of you younger artists say that I’m sort of an inspiration… because you never know.” She might be the most humble person in the world.