Here’s Kenny Rogers Almost Hitting Dolly Parton in the Head During Final “Islands in the Stream” Performance

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Kenny Rogers’ farewell concert, All in For the Gambler, inside Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena was an all-star tribute to an all-star, all-lifetime entertainer.

Of all of the names on the bill for the evening, no name was bigger than the final performer and one of Rogers’ closest friends– Dolly Parton. Her appearance wasn’t a surprise, but her solo performance of “I Will Always Love You” was and Rogers was absolutely moved by the gesture.

Following Parton’s solo, Rogers joined her for one last performance of their iconic “Islands in the Stream” duet and like all the other performances they’ve done together, this too was iconic.

But, there was one moment that was more iconic than any other and more than anything it showcased just how in-sync and hilarious Rogers and Parton are together. Not to mention, it was their last time to shamelessly flirt with each other in front of a live audience.

The moment happened in the middle of the song and it’s a move Rogers has done before, as the pair sings “sail away with me, to another world,” he flails his arm up as if to steal the spotlight to Parton. She shoos his arm away and doesn’t miss a beat.

During last year’s Smoky Mountains Rise Telethon: A Benefit for My People Fund, Rogers did the move and Parton returned the favor by hip-checking Rogers and almost knocked him over.

This time around, Parton swats his arm away and then takes off to the other side of the stage to do some of her own moves.

This is a country music friendship that is going to go down as one of the most entertaining and fun ever. Thanks for the final memories, Mr. Rogers.