Hold the Phone, Dolly Parton Still Does Her Own Makeup

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This week, I had to chance to chat with Dolly Parton at a press conference regarding her upcoming movie, “Christmas of Many Colors: Circle of Love.”

She revealed that when she was very young, she’d fashion makeup from anything she could find, even used matches!

“I remember when I first got a chance to get a piece of makeup — it was a tube of lipstick, a tube of red lipstick — I guess we all know that one,” she told One Country. “Soon as I could afford it, I started buying makeup kits with all the different eye colors, all the different lipsticks, all the cheeks, all the blush, all the different colors.”

And that love for makeup never faded.

“I always like it big. I always like too much makeup, too much hair,” she added. “I have a great hairdresser, I do my own makeup. I usually wear it the same way in the daytime as I do at night. I just like makeup.”

Watch the full interview: