Dolly Parton Tree Topper Confirms What We’ve Been Saying for Years– She’s A Real, Actual Angel


Last fall when the CMA released their “Forever Country” song and video, Dolly Parton’s “I Will Love You” was one of the three songs chosen in the mashup. Throughout the song, several artists including Carrie Underwood sing parts of the tune, but at the end, Dolly herself comes in to finish the song with, “I will always love you. I’ll always love you.” She looks at the camera and smirks. It’s one of the greatest moments in country music history.

On the day the video was released, I wrote this and shared this GIF:


The scripture is from the book of Luke and the story of Christ’s birth.

It’s only fitting that this year, one Twitter user, Lana Gay has also recognized Dolly Parton as an angel and put her on the top of her Christmas tree, saying, “When you can’t decide between a star or an angel tree topper get both: @DollyParton.”

Amen. Dolly Parton isn’t the reason to celebrate Christmas, but she sure makes the season bright.

Lauren Cowling
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