Dustin Lynch Has (And Always Will Have) A Crush On Reba McEntire

Dustin Lynch Has (And Always Will Have) A Crush On Reba McEntire

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Dustin Lynch’s music and personal life have been getting a lot more attention recently. While his music is undeniably good, his personal life is a matter of speculation. The tabloids have started rumors about his love life, as they do, but we’re not into speculation. We want to hear it straight from the man himself! Certified Country gave Lynch the chance to clear the air with an interesting conversation covering everything from his celebrity crush to his first job after college.

Lynch’s once and forever crush is Reba

But he thinks she is way out of his league, even now.

He once took 30 private jet flights in one day?

They really glossed over this, but I don’t know how this can be true. There’s no way. And how? HOW!?

His first job out of college was mowing lawns.

Struggling artists gotta pay those bills.

His second job was analyzing raw sewage as a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer analyst.

He was sick of breathing in grass clipping before shows and has a degree in biology and chemistry so, you know, not a bad job for a singer song-writer.

Check out the whole interview for more fun facts about Dustin Lynch

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