Dustin Lynch Helps California Firefighter Propose To Girlfriend During Concert

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When Dustin Lynch took his Ride or Die Tour to Los Angeles earlier this month, he didn’t know he was going to be instrumental i a young couple’s life.

As the wildfires burned in California, Dustin wasn’t even sure his concert would go on. But thanks to guys like Tony Cresta, a firefighter in the area, the show did go on. Dustin met Tony at his meet and greet before the concert and put the plan in action, unbeknownst to Tony’s girlfriend, Taylor Hill.

“I”m so glad I met a gentlemen at the meet and greet tonight that’s a firefighter here in this city,” Dustin said calling Tony on stage. Dustin then asked where his girlfriend was and invited her to the stage as well. Taylor had not idea what was happening, she probably thought she was getting getting special treatment meeting, Dustin Lynch. It wasn’t until Tony began to speak, that she knew what was happening.

“Tay, ever since I met you three years ago,” he began. And that’s all they needed, the crowd started cheering and Taylor began to get emotional. “Will you make the happiest man in the world?”

Dustin posted the proposal on Facebook with a caption that read, “Just a few cowboys in the City of Angels #TheRideorDieTour.”

Congratulations to the happy couple and to Dustin Lynch for being instrumental in making the couple’s dream come true.