Eric Church Announces ‘Highway To Home’ Furniture Line (We Always Thought He’d Do a Sunglasses Line)

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I mean, who wouldn’t want to kick

said that he grew up in the furniture business in Granite Falls, North Carolina and after getting his degree in marketing from Appalachian State, he moved to Nashville to try out his music career.

“My first job was in a furniture warehouse, and I was well on my way to being in the furniture industry. I had a marketing degree and job offers, but packed up a guitar case, told everybody no and went to Nashville, Tenn.,” Church said in a video he posted to his Twitter account.

So now, Church is jumping back into the industry with a line inspired by his roots in North Carolina, as well as his time spent on the road.

“It’s not just about us trying to sell furniture. It’s about me telling a larger story,” Church added.

The furniture line, Highway to Home features four different collections: Heartland Falls, Silverton Sound, Arrow Ridge, and Hickory Canyon. The collections will feature everything from bedroom furniture to dinning and living room pieces.