Professional Dancers Did a Professional Dance to Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” on “Dancing With the Stars”

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In a dream world, someone like Governor Rick Perry or Maureen McCormick would’ve danced to Florida Georgia Line’s “H.O.L.Y.” during elimination night on “Dancing With the Stars,” but in the real world we actually got professionals doing moves most people on Earth can’t even think about.

But, seriously– what if Rick Perry danced to FGL?

First, Keo Motsepe and Jenna Johnson did a sultry number to the duo’s latest No. 1 hit, before two other members of the “Dancing With the Stars” troupe broke it down the biggest-selling country music single of all-time, “Cruise.”

Not afraid to say it– this dance seems very strange when paired with this song. Or maybe it’s looks on the dancers’ faces? Something is off.

The reigning CMA Duo of the Year will be back on ABC on November 2 during the 50th Annual CMA Awards.